How easy is it?

Coco’s is cooked in a pot and takes about 25 minutes. You will need one 12 oz. package of Coco’s Dog food, one pound of any meat and 5 cups of water. You will have about a weeks worth of healthy dog food. It is that simple.

Can I be creative with it? Yes!

Some dog owners mix up the meats they use each week (Ground beef, chicken ground turkey or any you choose) and others like their dogs to have a consistent diet and use the same every time. Some folks like to add more sweet potatoes, peas, and pumpkin. You can use Cocos Homemade Dog Food as a base and add any item to the recipe that your dog likes.

Don’t worry, by itself Coco’s Homemade Dog Food has all your dog needs for a healthy diet without any additions other than the meat you add.

How to Prepare Cocos Canine Cuisine

Put 5 cups of water into a pot.
Add one 12oz package of Coco’s Canine Cuisine

Add one pound of meat (you can use hamburger, chicken, turkey, lamb or any protein you choose)

Bring to a boil, Cover and set to low.

Simmer for 25 minutes- covered.

Let it cool.

How it all began…

Cocos canine cuisine is an alternative healthy eating program for dogs that provide nutrition the natural way, through fresh food. Wholesome whole grain ingredients and vegetables are the basis of Coco’s canine cuisine, which becomes a well-rounded meal with the addition of fresh meats.
Coco’s canine cuisine comes from a recipe passed down through two generations. The recipe was developed by to pet parents who wanted to share their success at helping dogs live long lives through a more nutritious diet, free of byproducts, chemicals and harmful preservatives, prepared quickly for busy people.

Fast and simple…

It takes less than a half hour to prepare enough food for a week. Just place one or two packets of the dry ingredients in boiling water and add meat, cover and simmer for 25 minutes. The recipe can also be prepared and frozen for future use.


Experts in animal health and nutrition attribute many health issues of animals to the food they eat. This can result in costly and unnecessary veterinary services. Compared to many dry and canned dog food’s, Coco’s canine cuisine is more cost-effective per serving in terms of per-cup purchase price. You also will enjoy fewer trips to the veterinarian.

Dogs love it…

A growing list of satisfied customers have adopted Coco’s canine cuisine as a permanent eating program and are eager to share their testimonials. Many of Coco’s friends have created a change in their diet to overcoming health concerns such as allergy conditions, digestive disorders, loss of appetite and skin and coat problems.