Making The Transition To Homemade Dog Food

Making The Transition To Homemade Dog Food
Eddy Collins, DVM
Who cooks for their dog?
More and more conscientious dog owners are spending time in their kitchens doing just that. They will also usually have an interested, furry helper by their side. This trend is growing rapidly due to the many health benefits of homemade dog food.
There are a wide variety of dog food recipes available on the internet. There are even dog food cookbooks to teach you how to make dog food. People are living longer and adapting healthier lifestyles for themselves. It’s only natural that these same ideas are translating into healthier lifestyles for dogs.
Yes, it’s easy to feed a scoop or two of dry food. There are actually ways to make cooking for your dog almost as easy and much healthier.
The Benefits Are Priceless
There are many benefits to transitioning to homemade, healthy dog food. One of the big benefits comes from knowing and controlling what goes into your dog’s food. An even bigger benefit, may be knowing what isn’t in it.
High quality, commercial dog foods contain everything your dog needs. They also contain many things that are not needed and that are actually unhealthy. Cooking for your dog can eliminate harmful preservatives, chemicals, dyes, and additives from their diet. These are unnecessary additions that are detrimental to the health of both dogs and their humans. You and your dog will also avoid the unpleasant surprise of a pet food recall.
Fresh ingredients have a higher nutritional value and their nutrients are more readily absorbed. You can also offer a variety of meals to help to eliminate dietary boredom. It’s very rewarding to see your dog enjoying something you made especially for them. The added benefit is knowing you’re also providing them with what’s best for their health.
There are a growing number of health issues that are linked to feeding commercial dog foods. In addition to the problems caused by artificial additives, there are nutrient imbalances as well. Dogs are predominantly carnivores, but commercial diets contain high amounts of carbohydrates. This is a very unnatural ratio for a dog, and can lead to many related problems.
High levels of carbohydrates can cause yeast overgrowth, leading to skin and ear odor and irritation. This imbalance is also a contributing factor in many common allergic conditions. Excessive levels of carbohydrates contribute to dental problems, including bad breath, caused by tartar buildup. The extremely high rate of canine diabetes is attributable to this as well. Also, many digestive issues are linked to this lack of natural balance in canine diets. A simple diet change can help avoid and alleviate many of these diseases.
A Worthwhile Challenge
Anything worthwhile is not without challenges, and learning how to make dog food is no exception. You can find many dog food recipes online and there are dog food cookbooks available. The problem is finding recipes from reliable sources that provide a well balanced diet. They’re out there, but the search is a challenge. Many of them don’t contain nutritional information about the diet. This makes it difficult to determine if it’s a well balanced diet for your dog.
Also, due to the nutritional requirements, many of these recipes contain a large number of ingredients. This can put a strain on your shopping list. Typically, the larger number of ingredients makes the process more expensive, labor intensive, and time consuming. Some of these recipes also call for specialized kitchen appliances such as a meat grinder.
There’s also the commitment of time it takes to prepare your dog’s food. We all lead busy lives and sometimes it’s challenging to find time to cook for ourselves. While these challenges can make the task more difficult, there are options to simplify the process. You will be saving much more than the time you spend in the long run.
Easy Options
Keeping the process as simple as possible will make the job much easier. To do this you will want to find proven recipes with the fewest number of ingredients. Also, look for recipes that use ingredients commonly found in your kitchen. You don’t want to have to go searching for hard to find items. These are not necessary or desirable for a well balanced dog food diet. Using hard to find ingredients can also make it difficult to produce a consistent result.
Maybe most importantly, look for recipes that can be easily prepared in your kitchen. There is no need for special equipment. You can use exactly what you use to cook for the rest of your family. This will cut down on your cost as well as shopping and preparation time.
Using a homemade dog food base, such as Coco’s Canine Cuisine, is a convenient option. This is by far the easiest way to make quality homemade dog food. It also meets all of the requirements for producing a well balanced healthy dog food.
The base consists of a balanced combination of fresh, high quality ingredients. You add your choice of meat and cook. To provide variety, you can use different meats from batch to batch. The result is a complete, well balanced diet that only takes 25 minutes to prepare.
It’s extremely quick and easy to make, saving you both time and energy. It provides a consistent, nutritious, and well balanced diet for your dog. It contains no preservatives or additives of any type that could be harmful to your dog. It’s made with fresh, high quality, ‘human grade’ ingredients. It takes the guesswork out of providing everything your dog requires for proper nutrition. You can also give your dog variety, while maintaining the correct nutritional consistency in their diet.
Making The Transition
Your dog will be very excited to try their new food. When changing your dog’s diet, do it gradually to reduce the chances of GI upset. Over the course of 5 days, slowly increase the new food while decreasing the old. Any leftover kibble can be mixed with the cooked food until it’s finished. This should allow for a smooth and healthy transition.
Set aside a regular time each week to cook for your dog. You can do it at the same time you’re cooking for your family. With a little planning and preparation, your transition can go just as smoothly. Know that you’re providing the best nutrition and a healthier, longer life for your dog. That should make it much easier. In the process, you just might discover some changes you want to make for yourself.

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