Coco’s Canine Cuisine-Homemade Dog Food

Coco’s Canine Cuisine-Homemade Dog Food

Dogs are carnivore animals, before their domestication, wolves needed to hunt their preys and their diets consisted mostly of protein. However, over time we have modified the diets of our companion animals providing with diets very similar to ours (omnivores animals). This kind of diet does not deliver the amount of proteins and vitamins that they need. Most commercial dog foods are prepared with animal sub-products and low quality proteins, which, in most cases, do not provide the essential amino acids needed by dogs. In addition, many commercial foods contain pesticides, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors and other chemicals that can be very harmful to your dog’s health.

Preparing our dog’s food at home is a great alternative to provide our beloved companions with the right nutrition. But who has all that time? With Coco’s Canine Cuisine you can prepare a healthy, affordable and delicious dog food in about half an hour each week. All you need to do is mix Coco’s Canine Cuisine dog food base with any kind of animal origin protein (beef, chicken, pork…) to obtain a very high quality dog food.

In nature, canines would not eat the same every day, after all, who does that? With this product you can add variety to your dog’s diet, which will keep them with good appetite. In addition, mixing Coco’s Canine Cuisine will automatically create a nutritionally balanced meal, which is essential for your dog to maintain a healthy weight and prevent many diseases.

Premium dog foods are quite expensive and, depending on the kind of protein that you use, preparing you dog’s food at home could be less expensive and it will always be a healthier option. Preparing your own dog food has a lot of benefits and now Coco’s Canine Cuisine has made it easy and affordable to take care of our dear companions’ health.

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