Choosing the Right Food for your Dog

Choosing the Right Food for your Dog

Choosing the right dog food can be quite an uphill challenge for dog owners, especially when he/she is a first time owner or new to this field. The most important thing to remember while choosing a food for your dog is to make sure that it has the necessary amount of proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients required to make it a well balanced diet. The growth of your dog depends on what food you give it, irrespective of the breed. The Bone structure, development, digestion, dental hygiene, weight, skin and coat are all linked to the nutritional value of the diet provided by you for your dog.
General factors to consider while choosing the right food for your dog:
The age of your dog is an important factor as the type of food and the proportions of nutrients required vary from a growing pup to an adult dog. You may want to consult a doctor before choosing the food for your pup initially as inappropriate feeding and harmful products can lead to your dog to obesity, improper bone growth and unusual changes in behavior.

Health Conditions:
It is important to know about your dog’s existing health condition before choosing the right food for it. Some dogs may be slow in growth and may need added nutrients in their diet while others may grow rapidly and will need to be fed accordingly. Existing conditions like obesity, stunted growth, breathing problems and ignorance need to be taken into account before choosing the food for your dog.

This is also a key issue to note while choosing the food for your dog. As, the diet and proportions of food differ from a working dog and a normal pet. A working dog requires a larger diet with the need for specific nutrients depending on the type of work, conditions and so on.

This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right food for your dog is to know about any existing allergies your dog has or has developed over a period of time. This is a vital factor as inappropriate feeding of a food that your dog is allergic to may lead to severe health problems in the near future.

Apart from this, one of the questions most dog owners ponder about while choosing the food for their dog is “Whether to buy dog food from the market or feed the dog homemade food”. The answer to this question remains in the hands of the owner as he/she needs to decide based on their schedule if it is possible to dedicate part of their time to cooking food for their dog. Packed dog food is good and has the nutrients required for a regular growing dog but if you really love your pet and want to give it the best possible food to enhance its growth and development, homemade dog food is highly recommended as it is fresh, prepared daily and has more nutritional values than the packed dog food. For more information on homemade dog food and recipes, please visit .

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