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What’s In Your Dog’s Food? (Part 2)

What’s In Your Dog’s Food? Current Contamination Issues The deadly pet food contamination that occurred in 2007 caused an increased awareness of the widespread problems that exist within the pet food industry. Because of the severity of this event, many dog owners sought out safe and healthier alternatives to commercial foods. Many made the decision […]

What’s In Your Dog’s Food? (Part 3)

What’s In Your Dog’s Food? The Future of Pet Food Recalls Almost all of the current pet food contamination issues involve Salmonella. While it does cause problems in dogs, the biggest health risk is not typically to the dog, but to their humans. This is a focal point for current dog food recalls, and rightfully […]

Coco’s Canine Cuisine-Homemade Dog Food

Coco’s Canine Cuisine-Homemade Dog Food Dogs are carnivore animals, before their domestication, wolves needed to hunt their preys and their diets consisted mostly of protein. However, over time we have modified the diets of our companion animals providing with diets very similar to ours (omnivores animals). This kind of diet does not deliver the amount of […]

Making The Transition To Homemade Dog Food

Making The Transition To Homemade Dog Food Eddy Collins, DVM Who cooks for their dog? More and more conscientious dog owners are spending time in their kitchens doing just that. They will also usually have an interested, furry helper by their side. This trend is growing rapidly due to the many health benefits of homemade […]